Lampasas Co. Office Bldg.

Lampasas County, which has 482,783 acres, was created in 1856 by an act of the State Legislature. The name “Lampasas” means lilies or water lily in Spanish. The county seat is Lampasas, which is the agribusiness center and the largest city in the county. Land uses in Lampasas County are cattle grazing, hay, wheat, sorghum, and some pecan groves. Lampasas County lies in the Texas Hill Country at the geographical center of Texas. The main natural feature of the county is the many sulphur springs in Lampasas. These were used historically by local Indians and then Spanish people for the healing qualities of the waters. Recreation in Lampasas County is mainly hunting, fishing in the Lampasas and Colorado Rivers and visits to the Colorado Bend State Park, which lies partially in Lampasas County and partially in San Saba County.